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What is the School Board?

School Board

In each school in the union there shall be organized a school board elected by the church(es) of the school constituency.  


The school board should meet at a regular time and place during the school year and as often as needed during the summer months. 


School board meetings are open meetings,  except when sensitive topics are being discussed.  In this instance, the board chair may call for an executive session, which is a closed meeting of the board when only the regular and ex officio members are present.  The board may, however, invite interested persons to be present to provide needed information.  However, such persons should be excused prior to discussion and vote by the school board.


School Board Membership

The school constitution and/or working policy should contain provisions regarding the membership of the school board that meets the following criteria. 


The school board shall be composed of members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who represent a cross section of the school constituency and who are supportive of Seventh-day Adventist education.  This membership is to  include as voting members the chair, vice-chair, executive secretary (the principal), and pastoral representation from the constituent church(es) based on the school constitution/working policy.  In addition the board is to include the following as ex officio voting members: local conference officers and local conference and union office of education personnel. 


The school board members (other than ex officio members) are to be elected by the constituent church(es) in accordance with the school constitution or working policies. 


Since board membership of school employees has the potential to create misunderstanding and the appearance of vested interest, especially on personnel issues regarding colleagues, school employees are ineligible for membership on the board of the school where employed.  This policy does not prohibit  a person from serving on the board of a small school when that person is employed part-time  as school treasurer and is not a regular school employee. The school constitution and/or working policy should contain provisions regarding the eligibility for board membership of relatives of school employees.


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